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your last moment

 “The Last Handover” signifies the heartfelt moment when parents entrust their child into a new chapter of life. It encapsulates the bittersweet emotions, love, and support exchanged between generations during a wedding, leaving a lasting impact on both parents and newlyweds.

Promo Package Details

Essential Items

(Worth up to $4,000)

  1. Wedding Cake (2-tier Buttercream Cake)
  2. Emcee (Choose from 3-4 Emcees)
  3. Doorgifts (Up to 10 choices to choose from) 
  4. Hidden Trays (Open Trays available too) 
  5. Invitation Card (Customisable) 
  6. Bunga Manggar
  7. Money Box (Variety of designs) 

Premium Decor

(Worth up to $4,000)


(Worth up to $3,000)

  1. Withloveyumi 2 outfits w MUA (Wedding 2 Package) 


  2. The Wedding Brocade 2 outfits w MUA (Chiffon Package 1) 

    • Nikah 
    • Modern 


  3. D Kraton 2 outfits w MUA (Kirana Package) 

    • Nikah 
    • Javanese 

Photography + Videography

(Worth up to $3,000)

  1. The Honey Oaks (Cinegraph 1 package) 4-6 hours 


  2. Roam The Hills (Wedding Photo + Film Package) 5 hours 


  3. Airisu (Combo A Package) 5 hours